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Website Features

The myFITBODYbiz Beachbody Coach website solution includes everything you need to build your business and grow your team. All the features and tools have been developed specifically for Beachbody Coaches.

Add Your Beachbody Coach ID

myFITBODYbiz websites come with dozens of links to all of the Beachbody products already included. Simply input your Coach ID# once, and it will be applied to all existing links and any new links that you may add later.

Customize Your Home Page

The home page of your website is completely customizable, so you can edit it to fit your needs. Create new images and photos for the slideshow, add your profile image and welcome text, edit and add new linking buttons, add your logo, and customize the colors.

Pre-Loaded Beachbody Content

We have done all the work, so you don’t have to. Your website will come preloaded with pages for all the workout programs, videos, ad banners, graphics, and links to your Team Beachbody store.

Landing & Lead Capture Pages

Capture valuable leads through our powerful landing pages. Link your social media, email, or search engine marketing campaigns to specific to these pages and drive traffic to the offers and content you want them to see. Easily manage and follow up with all your leads right within the myFITBODYbiz control panel.

Create Team Member Pages

Showcase all your team members with our easy to setup Team Member page. Uploaded a photo, add there name, Beachbody rank, and bio.

Customize Your Website Colors

You can easily edit the main colors of your websites to match your brand, and even replace the Team Beachbody logo with your own.

Unlimited Submission Forms

Create unlimited submission forms, contact forms, surveys, and questionnaires with our simple to use, drag and drop form builder. We have even included a few contact and lead capture forms to get you started.

Auto-Respond Email Subscriber

Our powerful email subscription tool offers you both control and convenience. Send fresh, clean-looking HTML emails that you can personalize with your design and your information. You can also offer email updates of new posts on your site to your visitors.

Link Your Social Media Pages

Easily link your website to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and dozens more social media pages.

Video Tutorials & Training

The myFITBODYbiz website platform gives you everything you need without much input from you at all. However, we have provided you with step-by-step video tutorials, that guide you through everything from website setup to creating new pages and customizing your website.

Easily Manage Your Website

Our simple and intuitive Control Panel has been developed so you can easily edit and manage your Beachbody Coach website.

Powerful SEO Blog Platform

Our Blogging System is developed on the industry leading blog platform. It is optimized to ensure your posts will achieve the highest rank possible.

Use Your Own Domain Name

Make your business look more professional with a custom domain. You can easily add any domain name to our system and use it on your website.

Create Unlimited Post & Pages

Create as many pages and posts as you like, and customize them to meet your needs. After all, it’s your website.

Create Pop Up Windows

One of the most effective ways to advertise your mailing list, special offer or simply to show ads is via a ‘pop over’ on your site. And that’s exactly what our easy-to-use popup tool does.

Track Your Website’s Statistics

With our Google analytic tool you can effectively track your websites audience right within your myFITBODYbiz Control Panel.

Special Offer Notifications

We will notify you of all the monthly Beachbody specials and provide you with graphics and links so you can be the first to promote these offers on your website.

Premium Support

Have a question or need help? We are here to help. Simply submit a support ticket and most questions are resolved the same day.

Professional Graphics Library

Our extensive Media Library provides you with professionally designed graphics, properly formatted to integrate perfectly with all our Beachbody Coach website themes.

Fast, Secure, & Reliable Hosting

We have partnered with one of the top industry leading hosting services so you can be confident that your website will be fast, secure, and live.