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How to Setup Your Custom Domain Name

To use a custom domain name with your myFITBODYbiz website you MUST first create an “A Record” with your domain registrar ‘ex. Go Daddy’.

  1. Login to your GoDaddy Account

  2. Click on Launch in the DOMAINS row

  3. Click on your domain

  4. Click on DNS Zone File

  5. Click on Use classic DNS Manager

  6. Hover over the row that has Host=@

  7. Click on the pencil icon to edit the IP Address

  8. Replace the current IP address with

  9. Make sure the TTL dropdown is 10 Minutes

  10. Click Save Zone File

GoDaddy is usually quick with these changes, but they may take up to a couple hours for the change to take effect.

Once the new IP Address settings have been applied by your domain registrar, you can then login to your myFITBODYbiz Control Panel and Click on DOMAIN MAPPING on the left.

Add your custom domain name ex. in the field and click ADD.