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FOCUS T25 Website Updates

Hey Coaches. I hope everyone who was able to make it to the Beachbody summit this year had an amazing time in Vegas, I know we did.

Now that you are back home and really motivated to grow your business, it’s time to start promoting one of the big announcements from Summit. Of course I am talking about Shaun T and FOCUS T25. This program sold out at Summit within the first few hours of it being available to coaches, and the demand we have already seen from customers is incredible. We have already updated all the myFITBODYbiz website themes to include FOCUS T25 slides on the home page, an new Workouts page including FOCUS T25, an information page dedicated to the program, videos, products graphics, banners, and links directly to your Team Beachbody store.


Now is the perfect time to GET STARTED with a myFITBODYbiz website. We are ready to grow your Beachbody business and help you get up on stage at next years Summit…..are you?

Have your website live within minutes.