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Drive Traffic to Your Beachbody Coach Website

The big buzzword for years has always been SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when discussing how to drive traffic to your website. Recently I have noticed a change happening within the industry. The largest companies that have built their businesses on providing SEO services have been changing their tune lately, and shifting into another direction. Google controls web traffic, and is increasingly putting more emphasis on PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. Another service that is gaining popularity and credibility is SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Below is an interesting article about SEO and how it has become an increasingly less valuable asset to drive traffic to your website. A more effective way to increase traffic to your website is through SMO (Social Media Optimization)

myFITBODYbiz will always continue to provide search Engined Optimized pages, but our more important focus is creating content that is valuable to your customers and readers, rather than search engine robots.

The last paragraph of the article is particularly interesting because it mentions engaging with people through Social Media first, and then INVITING them into a conversation. Once you have established a connection, you are able to direct them to your website for more detailed information about the products.

INVITE, INVITE, INVITE, does this sound familiar to any Beachbody coaches out there?

Here is the complete article: